Garage Door Cables

Function of garage door cables

All the garage owners must be known to the role that garage doors play in ensuring the safety and security of the possessions placed inside the garage. Garages are the place where you can park all your vehicles when they are not in use. Some people also use the garage to store their other expensive possessions. Being used for all the above mentioned purposes, the garages hold great importance.

However, garage door is not a single piece system that can operate like other doors of the house. It needs to be equipped with number of must have parts that play crucial role in door’s working.  One of these parts is the garage door cables. You must have read about the springs and opener that how they are important to the garage door but many of you will not be aware of the cables. Let us tell you about garage door cables in brief.

Mainly garage door cables are of three types: Torsion cables, extension cables and safety cables. First two types i.e. extension and torsion springs fall in the same category as compared to the third, thus, some people consider them into the same type. The purpose behind having the garage door equipped with torsion or extension cables is same. These cables support the torsion and extension springs while lifting up the door and bringing it down. You must be thinking that what type of assistance is provided by cables to the springs. As you know that the garage doors are much heavy and when we operate them, their weight is handled by the springs. The main function of the garage door cables is to assist the springs in handling that weight.

However, the purpose of safety cables is depicted from their name. They are installed in the doors that are equipped with extension springs. The garage doors that are equipped with safety cables have no chances of getting harmfully damaged in the case of the broken springs. It is because these cables don’t let the door to fall uncontrollably on the floor. Thus, if you are having safety cables installed in your garage door system, your garage will not be damaged even if the springs break. 

Furthermore, as cables are an important part of the door, they must be installed properly so that they can effectively do their work. They should be tightly installed on the pulley or drums otherwise they will break due the improper balance. No doubt that the cables provide safety in the case of broken springs but what if the cables break? Broken cables can have much harmful effects as that of broken springs or can cause just little problems. These effects depend on the factor that when the cables break and from where they break. The broken cables can even result into the off track garage doors. Thus, as the proper functioning of the door is important for ensuring the safety of items placed in the garage; the regular maintenance of the door is also important for its proper functioning. Always call the pros for professional help, Garage door repair Bloomington is here to assist