Broken Springs

Garage Door Spring Replacement

Garage doors are most delicate part of construction and they demand time to time maintenance as well as repair. As garage doors are frequently used so their wear and tear losses are more and they must be handled properly. Manufacturers recommend that repair task for garage doors must be executed by experts only because it is a critical task and needs specialized equipments for complete operation. Usually garage doors suffer issues related to opener, spring or rollers etc; doing self repair means you are taking lots of risk for your body because all these parts are connected in a very typical manner and can harm your hands or lungs if not handled properly.

There are generally two types of springs in garage doors one is extension type and other are torsion type springs. First one are connected at each side of the door with stretched connection overhead the track whereas torsion type springs are directly mounted on header exactly above the door and with the help of a round rod they are joined to both sides of door. Garage door spring replacement cannot be executed without proper knowledge of process and tools; it also demands proper safety precautions in order to avoid all damages.

Generally there are three most common issues related to garage door springs: either they are broken or the cable connecting them with door is damaged; the third case can be related to adjustment but one thing is important to note that we can adjust only torsion springs, extension type are not adjustable. It is very much clear that a broken spring cannot function properly so they need urgent replacement. These springs must be replaced in sets because if one spring gets broken then the other will also be about to get damaged. In case after examining these springs, you found that they are not broken but the cable is damaged then you have to repair or replace this cable as soon as possible. Garage door spring replacement demands proper attention of owners otherwise it can cause huge damage at later stage.

Incase if you find that it is just an alignment issue then you need to pay attention towards its adjustment. Pick right tools and start with right procedure to execute the process:

Evaluate the safety concerns first and make sure that you are able to do this task by your own; otherwise it is good to call experts.

You have to buy new springs but they must be of good quality and choose them as per weight of your garage door so that springs can handle its operation properly.

Now you have to remove old extension springs from your door and it must be done using handy tools that can assist you to perform this task.

Once you have removed old or damaged springs now it is time to install the new ones.

In case you find damage of torsion springs while doing Garage door spring replacement then it is good to call some experts because they are delicate parts and also demands more care because of their critical connections.

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